Whole Body Cryotherapy

Step into Suffolk’s only full body cryotherapy chamber to kick start many regenerative benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric Cyrochambers are entirely safe for the vast majority of people when used within the recommended guidelines. On your first visit, we recommend a maximum of 3-minutes within the chamber to allow us to assess your wellbeing. 3-minutes is sufficient time to reap all of the benefits of exposing your body to freezing temperatures.

Your Cryo Technician will monitor your wellbeing throughout your experience to ensure you are safe. You are able to leave the Cyrochamber at any time if you feel uncomfortable.

Cryotherapy is a safe form of therapy when managed by a trained professional. During Cryotherapy, the body is exposed to freezing temperatures of sub 80c. These temperatures can pose an increased risk of illness or injury for vulnerable people. Therefore, all FYN members are required to complete a contraindications form to ensure suitability for treatment. Additionally, your Chamber Technician will give you a safety briefing and assess your current well-being when attending the venue. Your Chamber Technician will remain with you during your Cryotherapy to ensure you are safe and responding to the therapy positively.

Children can enter the cryotherapy chamber with consent from a parent or guardian.

Your session time will be assessed on an individual basis and, at your request. 3 minutes is enough time to activate the benefits from a cold treatment.

Our Full-body Cryochamber runs between -85°C and -120°C.

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