Lee Catling and Lenny Pack ( Co- Owners)

Lee and Lenny had a vision to create a wellness centre in Suffolk using some of the most modern technology on the market.

Utilising these technologies and incorporating them alongside Sports Therapies  Lee and Lenny created For You Now in 2020.

What do we do different-

Whole Body Cryotherapy- For You Now has the only Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber in Suffolk- Feel the benefits of cold therapy after being immersed in -87 degrees centigrade. 

Floatation Therapy- Relax in regulated water that has a concentrated mix within it of Epsom Salts ( Magnesium Sulphate) and it warmed to 36 degrees. The Epsom salts will suspend the body in a state of weightlessness and will help remove the stresses on the system. 

Sports Therapy- Lee and his therapist team have the knowledge, the experience and passion to help diagnose, treat and manage injuries, recovery and maintenance of the body.

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