Corporate Days

Whether your want to entertain a new client or reward your hardworking team, we have an FYN experience for you. Corporate Days are a great way to make your team feel valued as well as build relationships. Additionally, your team will benefit from the therapies we provide.


Your team will step into Suffolks only full-body Cryochamber, experiencing temperatures between -80°C and -120°C. Cryo boosts performance and provides a boost to your immune system, making it an excellent choice for Corporate Days.

Hen & Stag Experiences

Prepare for your big day by celebrating your Hen and Stag with an FYN Experience. Our recovery packages are the perfect way to wind down, relax and prepare for your wedding. Unwind with a full body massage and reset your mind in our floatation tank.

We can even help cure your Hen or Stag hangover; our Vitamin IVS replenish hydration and restore vitamin and nutrient levels. All of our treatments will help you to feel your best for your Wedding Day.

Couples Retreat

Treat you and your partner to an FYN experience to relax, recuperate and re energize. Feel the benefits of a relaxing full-body massage and refresh your senses inside our floatation tank. We also offer two-person Cryotherapy where you and your partner can experience our whole body Cryochamber. Finish your experience with a nutrient boosting IV Vitamin treatment, ending your experience feeling refreshed, healthy and mentally stimulated.

Sports Teams

FYN is the perfect place for Sports Teams to recover from fatigue or get a much-needed energy boost. We provide both one-off experiences and ongoing recovery programmes designed to meet your teams’ requirements. Our technicians will assess your needs and develop a plan to help your team function optimally in your specialism.

Pamper Days

Our range of treatments makes for the perfect pamper session. So book in for a massage, relax with our floatation treatment and experience the icy chill from Cryo. Additionally, our IV vitamin boosts will give you the nutrients you need, combining to leave you feeling hydrated, relaxed and clear in mind.

Our treatments work for people from all walks of life, and can be catered to the needs of your group. Whether in a team, with friends or family, FYN provides the perfect atmosphere to reenergize.

Pregnancy Pampering

FYN can help you through your pregnancy with specifically designed experiences to help with the aches and pains experienced during different trimesters of your pregnancy. First, experience our gravity-defying floatation tank, removing pressure on the lower back and joints. Then follow up with a specifically designed pregnancy massage by our specialist pregnancy therapist.